The best facilities that you feel like your home

"S.B. Living Place"the charming privacy senses and peaceful hotel in Phuket town with the best facilities that you feel like your home
  • Restaurant
  • Karaoke
  • Fitness Center
  • Massage & Spa
  • Meeting Room
  • Swimming Pool

    SB Restaurant

    Enjoy the thai local food which served on a plate. Creative and tasty cuisine by Chefs who are exeperienced. Moreover we have drink, cake, deserts and coffee area with Free Wifi in a friendly atmosphere with satifection service.

    location: 1st floor

    Open daily From 11.00 hr - 23.00 hr

    Andaman Restaurant

    Andaman Restaurant provides variety of meals for dinner and customer can join karaoke to sing a song every night in air-conditioned room with beautiful phuket town view.

    location: 5th floor

    Open daily From 17.00 hr - 24.00 hr

    SB Karaoke

    A time for fun and entertainment with Karaoke 8 room services provied by a variety of themes to choose from the list. Deal with customer to enjoy singing with the group

    VIP Room(small):
    250 THB per hour / flat rate (4 hours) 699 THB

    VIP Room (large):
    300 THB per hour / flat rate (4 hours) 899 THB

    Location: 2nd floor

    Open Time:
    Monday - Friday 15.00 hr - 24.00 hr
    Saturday - Sunday 12.00 hr - 24.00 hr

    SB Fitness Center

    If you are looking for exercise to health benefits or reduce excess weight.The increase of the body to look good. We provide fitness and exercise equipment, along with the S.B. fitness Center

    Location: 3rd floor

    Open daily From 7.00 hr - 22.00 hr

    SB Massage & Spa

    SB Massage & Spa peovides a variety of massages such as Thai massage, oil massage, body scrub by therapist staffs are very experienced and professional. Massage to relieve fatigue. The result of the work or travel.

    Location: 4th floor

    Open daily From: 12.00 hr - 22.00 hr

    SB Meeting Room

    Meeting rooms suitable for meeting. Devices with intergrated comfort. You can make holes around the community can take many forms. The quiet atmosphere of the meeting of the smooth

    SB Swimming Pool

    A beautiful outdoor pool is open for our customer to try experience the atmosphere in leisure activities. There is also a device for safe swimming for children. It is the perfect place to exercise and relax in comfort

Hotel Facilities

S.B. Living Place has many facilities for your lifestyle

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